Supermoon 23rd June 2013

What is a Supermoon???
A supermoon is a coincidence of a  new moon or a full moon with the closest approach it makes with the Earth's orbit. This closest point of approach is known as Perigee. At perigee the moon is around 3,57,210 Km away from the Earth whereas at Apogee it's around 4,05,978 Km.
Where to look??? 
First hint look at the moon, but if you want to know the exact location then the moon would be in the constellation of Capricon.
The difference wouldn't be much but it would still be worth watching.
It would occur on June 23 2013 at 11.32 UTC so it wouldn't be visible in most parts at it's Perigee but you can still catch a glimpse of it on 22nd night. The difference wouldn't be much.

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