Eridanus in Greek mythology

Lets now move to the mythology of the constellation of Eridanus. It is located to the right hand side of the Orion and it starts a little above Rigel. The star right above Rigel is known as Cursa whereas the brightest star in the constellation is known as Achernar. According to the Greek mythology Phoeton was the son of Apollo(the Sun God). He was a demigod, once he asked his mother that where could he find Apollo. His mother told him to go all the way to India the land where the Greeks used to believe the Sun rises first and was also said to be the place where Apollo lived. When Apollo saw him for the first time in his palace he granted a wish to Phoeton. Phoeton wished to ride Apollo's chariot in spite of his repeated warnings. Apollo gave him the chariot and told him that the four horses are extremely aggressive and they are difficult to control. Then Phoeton left with the chariot. The horses became so violent and aggressive that the chariot was diverted from its usual path. At times it came to close to the Earth making the temperatures unbearable and sometimes it went to close to the heaven. On seeing this Zeus the king of Gods and the God of Skies and thunder took a lightning bolt and shot Phoeton. Phoeton immediately fell of his chariot and died. It is said that he fell into the river Eridanus. The constellation actually shows the way in which Phoeton fell. The star Achernar is the point where he fell into the river. 

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