Hydra and Cancer in Greek mythology

According to the Greek mythology Eurystheus had given 12 task to Hercules. Out of these 12 his 2nd task was to defeat Hydra. A venomous serpent like monster that was raised by the Goddess Juno. The weird thing about Hydra was that it had many heads and if one of the heads were cut off than in it's place two more heads would grow. Hercules went to the den where Hydra lived and started chopping it's head and his nephew Lolaus started burning off the stumps to prevent the heads from growing. Juno in order to stop Hercules from slaying Hydra sent a crab. But Hercules crushed it under his foot. Eventually both the Hydra as well as the crab were killed and Juno in order to immortalize them sent them into the heavens in the form of Hydra and Cancer.

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