Virgo and Libra in Greek mythology

According to the Greek mythology Zeus gave the task of creating Earth and the various forms of life on it to the two Titan brothers Prometheus and Epimethius. Epimethius gave all the qualities to different animals for instance he gave venom to the poisonous animals like snakes and scorpions, claws to bear,wings to all the birds, etc. When he wanted to create man he realized that there is no unique quality left. So he went to Prometheus. He in turn went to heaven and brought down fire. With the help of fire man was able to cook, forge weapons and tools and basically progress. This in turn made Zeus furious and as an eternal punishment he tied Prometheus to rock where an eagle would keep biting into his liver, Zeus used to believe that fire should only be used by the Gods. Zeus in order to take revenge created woman.(I am certainly not an anti-feminist,but this is how the myth goes) He told Hepahestus to create a woman in his forges out of water and earth. Every God gave her a gift for instance Athena clothed her, Aphrodite gave her beauty. Hermes gave her speech. Zeus presented her with a beautiful box but gave her strict instruction that she should not open it. Out of curiosity Pandora did open that box and all the evil that was contained in that container such as illness, sadness, revenge, anger, envy, etc escaped on the Earth. At the bottom of the container laid the one thing that did not escape 'hope'. the Gods deserted the Earth one by one. Astraea goddess of innocence, purity and justice was the last one to leave. After leaving Astraea was placed among the stars in the form of the Virgo constellation and her balance became the Libra constellation.

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