Pisces in Greek mythology

Typhon was one of the most powerful monster in Greek mythology. He was also a Titan the son of Oranos and Gaya. The Tiatans were defeated by the Olympians (In short they hated each other). One day Typhon suddenly appeared startling all the Olympians who took different forms to flee. Zeus took the form of a ram, Dionysus took the form of a goat, Apollo took the the form of a crow, Diana took the form of a cat,Hermes took the form of an ibis, Venus and her son Cupid were bathing on the banks of the Euphrates river and took the shape of a pair of fish. Minerva in order to immortalize the event placed the figures of the two fish in the skies in the form of the Pisces constellation. Now that we our on the subject of Pisces i'd like to say that it is not particularly a bright constellation and very difficult to spot. It has got no Messier objects in it and it lies on the ecliptic.

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