Orion in greek mythology

Constellations and stars have always been associated with mythology. For instance Orion was an extremely good hunter. It is said that he was so good that the goddess Artemis also known as Diana (the moon goddess and the goddess of hunting) fell in love with him. Orion was always accompanied by his two dogs Sirius and Procyon. Once Orion wanted to cross a river, the river was so deep that he was submerged upto his neck. Apollo the Sun God who was also Artemis's brother in order to play a prank challenged Artemis to shoot at the floating target. Artemis shot the "target" and later realized that it was Orion. She became extremely sad. Zeus the king of Gods on seeing this took Orion along with his two dogs and gave him a place in the heaven. The two dogs Sirius and Procyon form the constellation of Cannis major and Cannis minor. Where the names of the dogs are given to the brightest stars of those constellation. Lepus is just an ordinary rabbit sent into heaven so that Orion would have some animal whom he can chase. It is also said that Orion is actually trying to either kill or save himself from Taurus.

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