Few easy to spot Messier objects

Apart from Pleiades there are many more Messier objects that one can spot in the night sky for instance there is the Andromeda galaxy just a little above the star mu andromeda also know as the M31, it has an apparent magnitude of 3.4. Which means that it is visible to the naked eye. There is the M41 open cluster present in the Cannis major constellation right below the star Sirius,with an apparent magnitude of 4.5. There is the M42 Orion nebula obviously in the Orion constellation, with an A.P. of 4.0. The M44 Bee hive cluster in the Cancer constellation,with an A.P. of 3.7. The Bode's Galaxy also known as the M81,with an A.P. of 6.5. So its not visible to the naked eye but you can spot it if you use a telescope.The M92 which is a globular cluster in the Hercules constellation with an A.P. of 7.5. The M101 also known as the pin wheel galaxy in the Ursa major constellation with an A.P. of 7.9. M104 also known as the Sombrero galaxy in the virgo constellation with an A.P. 0f 9.5. There are many more objects worth spotting but these are few of my favourites.

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