Other comets in 2013

Lovejoy (C/2013 R1)
This comet as of November 7th was spotted close to the Beehive cluster in the Cancer constellation with an apparent magnitude of 6.3. So it is visible through a small telescope or binoculars on a clear night.After November 19th the comet would be close to the Big dipper. It would make it's closest approach to the Sun on 25th December. It's estimated max brightness would be 5.9 from around 21st November to 28th November after which it'll steadily decrease. So this would be the best time to spot this comet. To know the current position of the comet use this link -http://theskylive.com/lovejoy-tracker

Comet Encke(2P/Encke)

Comet Encke is a periodic comet with a period of 3.3 years.It's moving from comma berenices to virgo, libra, scorpius and then ophiucus. It's max brightness would be 7.1 when it's in the constellation of Virgo on 16th November till 20th November then it's brightness would steadily decrease. It's tail is relatively short covering only 3 degrees of the sky. To know the current position of the comet use this link -http://theskylive.com/encke-tracker

I'll keep updating my blog as i get more information on these comets.

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